I have been a frequent radio co-host on “ON CALL” with Wendy Weiss.

“MAKING HOME A SANCTUARY” has become my theme and hallmark God actually gave to me in prayer.

The following are some of the topics I have addressed on Relevant Radio that fall under the theme of

September 14, 2007  “Hope, Health, Healing & Coming Home” (4H’s of Abortion)

October 12, 2007       “Are You Ready To Live In The NOW Worry-Free?”

September 27, 2008 “Living in the Present Moment”

July 8, 2009              “Making Home A Sanctuary – Part 1”

September 9, 2009   “Making Home A Sanctuary – Part 2”

December 7, 2009     “Peace on Earth” Making Home A Christmas Sanctuary Avoiding Holiday Family Stress

April 5, 2010               “Anger Management from a Psychological & Spiritual Perspective”

June 14, 2010             “Balance in Life to Combat the Epidemic of Narcissism”

March 17, 2011            “St. Patrick & His Stand on Slavery in the 5th Century & Alcohol Use"

June 6, 2011               “Healthy & Balanced Food Plan for Freedom from Obesity with a Relapse Prevention Component”

August 29, 2011         “Growing in Virtue” – Part 1 - Virtue Training & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

February 6, 2012       “Growing in Virtue” – Part 2 – Means Letting Go of Fear For Total Trust & Dependence on God

April 16, 2012             “Growing in the Virtue of Purity/Chastity to Overcome the Capital Sin of Lust”

July 13, 2012               “Is There A Correlation Between Emotional Health & Catholic Spiritual Health”?